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Totally Different!

The following are fundraising companies that specialize in Totally Different!.

Totally Different & Unique Fundraiser - "Custom Bag Tags"
Stop selling the same "stuff" everyone else is selling!

Have a Great Flocking Fundraiser!
Have a blast taking donations to "flock" unsuspecting people's yards with plastic pink flamingos! Your "victims" will then pay you to remove the pink flamingos and move them to another friends house! A GREAT fundraiser! Rent or buy pink flamingos in bulk!

Smencils - and Smens
Smencils – and Smens. Gourmet scented pencils and pens made from 100% recycled newspapers. They come in 20 mouth-watering scents that are guaranteed to last for at least 2 years. These are a truly unique and very effective fundraising product. They're super easy to sell and they sell fast. Not only do they smell great, but they're good for the environment too. It's fundraising with a purpose: "Saving pencil at a time” and “Helping our planet…one pen at a time". Call us at 1-866-SMENCILS (763-6245) or by email.

BOOKSCENTS – Scented Bookmarks
Make 60% PROFIT! BookScents, SCENTED BOOKMARKS are another unique fundraiser. These scented bookmarks will jumpstart your school reading program. Sell Bookscents at Book Fairs, the Library, School Store, School Office or use them for Incentives! Order BookScents by the case or ½ case and get kids reading with these premium scented bookmarks. Schools consider our products a smart choice to earn needed funds.

Bubble Gum, Orange, Cinnamon, Jelly Bean, Grape, Peppermint, Root Beer, Strawberry

Essanté Turnkey Fundraising Unlimited Potential Going Green!
Essanté Organics provides a free website to all non-profits: Essanté Organics is committed to providing a free global website (Business Center) to every non-profit organization. If your company is not-for-profit, you qualify for a free website. Simply complete the information at the base of this page and include your tax exemption number. The President of Essanté Organics, Dr. Jonathan Levine, will personally welcome you and ensure your verified, non-profit organization receives a complimentary website. Why does Essanté Organics do this? For the same reason we developed the Essanté FOUNDATION. When a company gives back, they not only make a positive difference in people’s lives, they set an example for humanity.

FUN PASTA Fundraising
New and unique! Pasta in fun shapes like cheerleaders, soccer, music, holidays, collegiate logos, and more! Up to 50% profits with no hidden costs. Use your NOODLE while fundraising! Free brochures, free samples, posters, envelopes, informative DVD, and free shipping! Great prize packages include iTunes or Walmart gift cards. Learn more about our easy fundraiser, or call 1-800-247-0188 x205.


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Featured Fundraisers

Luggage Tag Fundraiser
Everyone needs High Quality Luggage Tags! High Profit with this Bag Tag Fundraiser

Looking for a different and unique fundraiser? Check out our fun sweepstakes fundraisers based on the excitement of your favorite sports. Our fundraisers are easy-to-manage and very profitable! Make 70-75% profit with every ticket distributed. It's risk free and that simple. Contact us today!

Celebrating Home Fundraising
Fundraising with Celebrating Home is Simple, Easy, and Fun! Earn up to 50% profit for your organization with a choice of 3 fundraising brochures offering Cookie Dough, Candles, Gift Wrap/Gift Bags and more. Traditional brochure sales and/or online fundraising are offered. Visit our website at for more information.

Awesome Savory Gourmet Cookie Dough, a full 3 lbs., delivery in seven days, Scrumptious Gourmet Caramel Popcorn, Enjoy the City Coupon Books, Gourmet Carousel Round Lollipops National Brand Candy Bars, Relay for Life lollipops, Smencils Pencils, See website for more Call Matt toll free 1-877-699-7807 Super Fast nationwide delivery

Fundraiser - 90% Profit & No Money Up Front!
Earn 90% Profit On Your Next Fundraiser with No Money Up Front! Get A FREE Sample Now!
Essanté Turnkey Fundraising
Unlimited Potential Going Green!
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